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"If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down."~ Mary Pickford

Announcements From the 2C4F Website

Good morning everyone.  Welcome to the 2nd Chances 4 Felons' website. This website features FREE useful information for those who have felony/misdemeanor backgrounds who are seeking 2nd chance opportunities such as employment, and resources. This website was created by a felon, myself Mae Hughes who due to my own hardships and struggles while trying to get my life back on track, I decided to offer a helping hand to other people with criminal backgrounds. I created 2C4F in 2010, and since then I have helped a number of people from all areas throughout the USA. I assist felons without charging them a fee, or government funding, and I have funded this company out of pocket for the last 6 years. This company was built for the sole purpose of offering REAL help where it is greatly needed, and that is to my fellow felons seeking 2nd chance opportunities to better their lives, and situations. 2nd Chances 4 Felons is now a very vital company that felons and those with misdemeanor backgrounds can use to help with finding opportunities to help them to be better, and do better. Over the last 6 years, I have put in countless hours, blood, sweat and MANY tears into making 2C4F what it is today. I have been determined to independently provide another chance to those who want a 2nd chance after being convicted of a crime. It is my belief that with a helping hand there are many people who would not re-offend due to not know that there are 2nd chances 4 felons. To this day, I have proven that to be true by the number of people I have witnessed get back on track after receiving help from her through 2nd Chances 4 Felons, including myself.  While building this company, and helping others to rebuild their lives, I have also rebuilt my own life, as well. I enrolled into college, and earned a degree in Business which I has used along with street knowledge (just being honest) to build 2C4F to where it is today. I am currently working towards turning this company into a staffing agency that will be specifically for those with criminal backgrounds. When I first started 2C4F, I didn't know the need for a REAL helping hand for felons was as huge as it is. Over the years, of developing my company, and meeting and interacting with felons from all over the USA, I began to see that I needed, and wanted to more.  At that point, I began to take the necessary steps to take 2C4F from being a Facebook page that offered help to people in Dallas, Texas, to an actual company that assisted felons from all over the USA.  I began to start offering more from 2C4F, and launched this website in 2012. Since that time, I’ve helped thousands of people from all walks of life, and from different areas with finding 2nd chance opportunities. The desire to ease the struggles of those with criminal backgrounds when looking to turn their lives around, has been the driving force behind my mission with 2nd Chances 4 Felons (2C4F).  I have wholeheartedly worked on my own to show my fellow felons that there are 2nd chances out there for them and to show that there is a great need for 2nd chances to be provided. Over the next few years, I have a goal to make 2C4F a staffing agency, and would like the support of those who use her company to seek 2nd chances, and those who support offering 2nd chances. So far I have done it all on my own, but the mission is so much BIGGER than me, and I need help. 2C4F will be hosting a number of fundraising campaigns to help with raising the necessary funds to expand 2C4F from what it is now to a Felony/Misdemeanor Friendly Staffing Agency that assists felons throughout the USA. All of the funds will be solely for the purpose of making 2nd Chances 4 Felons into a fully functioning staffing agencies that will not only provide useful information such as job leads, job fair dates, resources, but actual job placement, job readiness training, life skills classes, GED classes, counseling, computer literacy classes, interview clothing assistance and much more to felons across America. I am hoping to find those who will support my mission with 2C4F by donating to my cause and/or participating in my fundraising campaigns. To this day, 2C4F has been fully funded by me, and I have done everything out of my own pocket. With that being said, I understands that donating money is hard for some people, so implementing fundraisers, and offering ways to help that do not cost is very important to me. Therefore, there are a number of ways to help 2C4F without having to come out of pocket. Please see the Ways To Help 2C4F page of the website
 (scroll down to the paragraph under the #ISUPPORT2C4F banner)  Any help is greatly appreciated, and all of it is beneficial to helping 2C4F reach it’s goals.
At this time, the fundraising campaigns that are currently active are  the  (1) 2C4F GoFund Me campaign, it can be found here   , and the #ISUPPORT2C4F merchandise that is for sale. The information for that campaign can be found here  (scroll down to the Merchandise section)
 On Monday August 8th, we will be hosting a raffle ticket drawing, more details will be announced prior to that date. Tickets will be able to purchase online, and the prizes will be shipped to you at no cost to you within the USA only. It is my hope that all of my fundraising campaigns for 2C4F will be successful. I am determined to make 2C4F a staffing agency, and I pray there are people who are willing to support me by not only continuing to use my company as a tool to help find 2nd chances, but who are also willing to join, and support  me on my mission to provide help where it is greatly needed.
I appreciate you all for your time. To learn more about 2nd Chances 4 Felons please use the links below to check out my website, FB page, Twitter page, and other social media platforms. If you would like to speak to me directly my contact information is on the business card below. Have a blessed day, and thanks for taking time out to read this.

                                                        ~Mae F. Hughes #2C4FCEO (CEO & Founder of 2C4F)


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