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"If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down."~ Mary Pickford


When your fate is being determined it is you who has the final say. It does not matter what people expect to happen with you nor what society thinks should happen to you. The choice to succeed comes from within. When the odds are stacked up against you, you have to choose to defy them. Most felons defeat themselves because they are looking at how hard it will be to get back up after being knocked down. I can relate, I have dealt with defeat myself on several occasions. The last time I was face to face with defeat, I got the best of it with DETERMINATION, HARD WORK & A MADE UP MIND !! I decided I would no longer allow my convictions and other's thoughts of it to stop me from being successful. As felons, we face terrible hardships and society can be blind to the fact that we have needs. Despite all of this, we still can succeed. It may not be easy but there are several options still available to us. We are able to receive financial aid, get a college education and even get a good job. It is up to you to determine what happens after you are convicted. DEFY THE ODDS OR LET THEM DEFEAT YOU...YOU DECIDE !!!!

2nd Chances 4 Felons (2C4F)

2nd Chances 4 Felons was created to show felons that there are several opportunities that are available to them even though they are felons. Often times not being able to locate resources or jobs is the cause of why most felons re-offend. I am a convicted felon who has had door after door closed in my face. Instead of re offending, or allowing my anger to get the best of me, I used it as motivation to make things better for us. I decided that something had to be done, that would help felons who are looking for ways to succeed despite their criminal history. I am fully aware that not all felons deserve a second chance but I am speaking of those that do. There are some who have learned from their mistakes and who are ready to get their lives on track. This company is designed and dedicated to helping those felons locate opportunities that will allow them to do that. 2C4F offers assistance to felons WORLDWIDE. There is NO CHARGE for assistance. If you are someone you know needs assistance PLEASE contact us immediately.



 No matter how hard times may be,

 You can turn things around to where you are happy. 

 You have the power to be who or what you want to be.

  No matter how many times you have been convicted of a felony. 

 Life does not come with a rule book, mistakes will be made.

 You gotta get back up and not be afraid.

 Not everyone will support you some will be uncertain , but if you try hard and make sure that you are for certain.

 The possibilities are endless and success is yours for the taking.

 Tell yourself you can do it and give your willpower an awakening. There is a way to succeed despite your criminal history,

 Its quite simple nothing like a mystery. 

 You have to make a decision to work hard to prove you are worth another chance, 

 You have to try your hardest with persistence.

 And it takes time so it might not happen in an instant.

 Put your all into making your dreams come true,

 because no matter how bad it looks it does not have to be over for 


~~by Mae Hughes